Here you'll find the resources you may need for promoting a show and making sure you have all the technical requirements together. There are also a few tips to make the evening everything you hoped.

Technical Requirements for Performances and Tips

Flights: One round trip ticket originating in Vancouver, BC -  all air tickets must be in the name of Tobias Hargrave.

Hotel: Non-smoking, at event hotel.

All transfers from Airport and Hotel.

The Following is rough guideline for stage, sound and lighting.

Staging: Stage should be a minimum of 12 ft X 8ft and no more then 2ft high. Placed strategically for the best sight lines. Podium should be removed and stage be equipped with (1) mic, mic stand, stool standing minimum 3ft and a regular office chair (no wheels or sprung backs). Tip: Have the audience sat as close to the stage as possible, if you think it's to close move it another foot closer and that should be perfect. DO NOT have a ready cleared dance floor between the stage and the audience.

Sound: The most important part of a show. Ceiling speakers do NOT do the job. Minimum requirements; 3-way speaker system mounted on tri-pods consisting of 15-inch speakers with a minimum 1000 watt power for audiences up to 300 people. Mixing board with equalizer. Tip: Have someone ready with some music for the shows end, or have the MC ready to take over to alleviate any potential lull in the evening.

Lighting: Though not always necessary one or two 500 watt spotlights at the back of the room should do the trick, with the room lights set to minimum. Tip:  Often the most overlooked lighting can add immeasurably to the show. Basic rule of thumb,  the darker the audience the lighter the stage the better. Stand up necessitates a certain level of intimacy, An open door into the lobby letting light stream in can be more distracting then you would imagine. We don't need people tripping in the dark, but...

Event Program Schedule Instructions:

  • The performance is (30) to (45) minutes depending on the audience.

  • The performance should be scheduled immediately before dinner or immediately after dinner.

  • For programs with schedules in excess of (4) hours the comedy portion should NOT be scheduled after the (2) hour mark. The performance should take place before any awards or speeches.

Introduction -
(What to say when you're expecting... me... onstage.)

Intro: (Download here)

Our entertainer tonight is all the way from Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.
You may have seen him from his numerous TV appearances including:
The Halifax Comedy Festival on CBC. 
The Just for laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal
He’s appeared numerous times on CBC’s The Debaters
and can currently be seen on Netflix’s Altered Carbon or on the upcoming CBS Series Twilight Zone.

Please welcome,

Toby Hargrave

(Do not read this as part of the introduction)

Tip: The secret to a great introduction is two fold. Ensure to have the audiences attention, perhaps make a few general announcements first. Secondly, whatever is said in the introduction or however you think it may have gone make sure the last thing said is my name. Once "Hargrave" as been said nothing more is needed. I'll be there from that point on.