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A gifted storyteller with an absurd ability to pinpoint the unseen hilarity of life, Toby is thrilled to be returning to the Vancouver Comedy Fest in 2013 where he was awarded the title of “Funniest Comedian in Vancouver”. Toby has since appeared at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Atomic Comedy Festival in Washington State, Whistler & Edmonton Comedy Festivals and at legendary comedy hot spots across North America.

Described as “a happy Hagrid” (for his more than passing resemblance to the Harry Potter chum) Toby shares the character’s imposing physical presence as well as his colossal warmth.  Audiences are drawn in (if never completely put at ease) by Toby’s humble charm and unwaveringly honest comedy. 

Toby can been seen in the upcoming feature Metallica in 3-D, independent film Primary, the Paul Middleditch directed Rapturepalooza  ,The Christmas Consultant co-staring Caroline Rhea and David Hasselhoff, as a guest star on Psych (USA Network) and as a regular cast member on YTV’s new comedy clip show The Funny Pit.

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