March, 2013 Dates

Tickets are already on sale for show I'm really looking forward to. March 9th, 2013 I'll be heading to Ontario for the first time in 4 years to perform. I'll be appearing at the Humanities Theatre in Waterloo Ontario. There's just one show in the books so I hope to see you guys there. I was lucky enough to do many theatre shows last year and i can tell ya folks that's the way to see comedy. It'll just be me (and an opener) and a ton of stories and fun.

Here's a link to great review from one of ther last theatre shows i did...

Pretty cool, eh?

Duuuuudes! Kinda crazy that this is coming out. I filmed this about 2 years ago now and it is just coming out now... I think, at least a trailer is encouraging. Make sure to check out Rapture-Palooza in the theatres... some time soon I guess. Big ups to The Granger Bros. for pointing this out to me!!

January, 2013 Dates!

January is usually a low key month and I am looking forward to spending a week out at the cabin. No TV, cell phone or internet Woot! We have a good fire, Jacuzzi on the patio and lots of wine!

That being said...

Jan 11th and 12th I'll be at Heckler's in Victoria. One of my favourite little clubs to play. Shows start at 9pm and tickets are something like $10. So why wouldn't you come out?


December was a great one!!

Decemeber is always a month for Corporate work and Family. This year the shows were surprisingly enjoyable and a big thanks to all those who brought me out to share in your holiday. There are a few shows coming up in January so make sure to check the dates!!


Guess where is other hand is...

This month The Christmas Consultant began airing on Lifetime in the States and the Movie Network in Canada. It stars David Hasselhoff and Caroline Rhea with a host of other talents... and me. Yes, I worked with Knight Rider. Life is now complete. (Click on the link for future viewing opportunities)

Also, in December The Funny Pit aired for 4 episodes on YTV. Make sure to check it out Sunday nights on your Local YTV channel. There's some good news around the corner in regards to it but we'll need a little patience yet.

There's all sorts of funny people including Ivan Decker, Katie Ellen-Humphries, Paul Bae, Ryan Steele, Amy Goodmurphy, a host of others, myself and it's all hosted by my good friend Roman Danylo! If you like pranks and don't know how Youtube works make sure to tune in Sunday nights on YTV.

November, 2012 Dates

Going back on the road for a few (and these days rare) road gigs. Can't wait to get back in the bar and have some fun!

Friday Nov. 23rd, 2012
Brown Ridge Pub - Princeton

Saturday Nov. 24th, 2012
The Copper Mug Pub - Penticton BC

Thursday thru Saturday Nov.29th thru Dec.1st, 2012
I'll be back at The Comedy Mix My favourite club in the world and I'll be working with some great folks Kevin Banner and Headlining will be Nate Bergatze! Some super funny folks and I'll be hosting for the weekend before I am off to Alberta for some Corporate work!