"He was the funniest"

-Ross Henderson -
The Edmonton Journal

"On behalf of Oxford Properties Group I would like to thank Toby for the wonderfully funny show he put on for us last Thursday. Toby, I was very impressed with the amount of research you did about Oxford. It was super how you were able to use this material to make Oxford staff Laugh throughout the whole 30 minutes you performed. I have received Comments from different coworkers about how great the entertainment was and Where did I find you? Performing for a diverse, reserve lunch hour crowd and being able to make them laugh and have a great time is awesome, and you did it Toby! Awesome job and we look forward to working with you again in the near future."

-Heather Mercer-
Customer Service Liaison

Seriously, don’t worry how Toby Hargrave’s brand of “nice” comedy will go over.  
This guy can handle himself.

-Mike Ross-
Gig City - www.gigcity.ca

"Toby Hargrave stole (the show) during a full house performance. Voted the funniest Comedian in the Vancouver Comedy Festival, stand-up comedian sensation Toby Hargrave was the featured guest and he wowed the audience with his intelligent, self deprecating and ruthlessly honest discussions of marriage, child rearing, honesty,... and just getting by in the modern world. Hargrave’s brutal and hilarious relationship with the audience grew during his performance as he appealed in his own, human and avuncular way to an audience that, at first, didn’t know what to make of him... the crowd became a part of his deeply personal and revealing performance."

-Mike Archer-
Chilliwack Today - www.chilliwacktoday.ca

"Toby Hargrave is one funny Canuck."

Brent Chittenden - Bite TV

"...His laidback style and the way it felt like he was just having a very candid, open conversation with the audience instead of feeding us over-prepared, over-used material. At one point he even looked at his watch, sighed, and said “guess I better keep going.” I enjoyed his set a lot as he talked about relationships and how he figured out that love is really the ability to control your hate."

-Tessa Perkins-
Bumbershoot 2012 - Pressplus1.com

"Hargrave did an outstanding job..."

-Greg Ursic-
WE Vancouver -

"I just had to tell you that thanks to you I have a sore jaw line, new wrinkles in my face and you know those headaches that nail you right across the base of your skull? I have those too thanks to the show I caught of you tonight.....you are truley hilarious and there has never been more of a time that I needed a real good laugh...and you totally delivered....THANK YOU!!!! I will have to be sure and watch for you to come to either Edmonton or Calgary and you can be very assured I will be there....probably wearing a diaper....lol....I came that close tonight! I can only imagine you live....and so much of your material is so easy to identify with...thanks again for a great hour of much needed hilarity and I am sure I will be caught giggling on my own at odd times with thoughts of your performance!"


"Toby Hargrave was... killing before a large and appreciative crowd"

-Guy MacPherson-
Writer Vancouver Province / Georgia Straight
(Excerpt from "What's So Funny?)

You are a very funny man!!! I have seen you a few times in Edmonton at Yuk Yuk's.
Keep on doing whatever it is you do cuz it sure is FUNNY!!! Thanks for making me laugh."

-Breanne Thomson-

"Toby knew how to work the crowd resulting in a great performance."

-Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce-

"Canadian Toby Hargrave, whose rambling, charming set at the Vancouver ComedyFest’s Illegal Aliens show was a likeable blend of informal story telling and audience interaction that won over a reticent crowd"

Elise Czajkowski
Splitsiider - Finding Laughs at Bumbershoot 2012